United Sales Associates has over 50 years of combined experience servicing Automotive Aftermarket accounts in retail, wholesale, internet and jobber channels of distribution. USA's established and respected sales managers John Gleason, Chris Gleason, Patrick Gleason and John Beinert maintain key account contacts as well as coordinate sales and marketing for our customers and manufacturers.

Jobber Calls

Our territory contains over 2,500 individual brick and mortar retail locations. Contrary to global consumer trends, aftermarket buyers still prefer to shop in person. Jobber calls are the core of our business.

Marketing and Branding Support

Who are you? What do you do? What are you selling? How do you want you, your company, and your products to be perceived by consumers and competitors?

Competitive Review

Fantastic, you're selling the greatest thing since sliced bread, the problem is, 15 other companies are already doing it. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? Our market expertise and resources will help get you to the top.

Supply Chain Analysis

Finding the perfect balance between a high quality yet cost effective product can be difficult. It is made even harder by changing consumer demands. Our logistical insights will point you in the direction of success.

Market Insights

We provide guidance and feedback drict from consumers and Jobbers allowing your company to tailor marketing, pricing, branding and distribution strategies.


We leverage our existing relationships with Warehouses, Retailers, and Industry Ambassadors to grow your sales sustainably.

Where We Go

Our territory covers 15 states in the Midwestern and Northeastern United Sates

The territory encompasses 30% of the continential U.S. population and over 25% of its landmass.

Our established jobber network includes over 2,500 brick and mortar jobber locations.

We call on several major internet retailers which extends our market influence beyond the territory borders.

Four office locations in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Southwest Michigan allow our represenatives to provide constant attention to both manufacturers and customers.

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